Radio Ads on A Budget

One of the most cost-effective ways to advertise on the radio is to sponsor one of our regular features such as the Community Calendar, the weather forecast, or the ski report. These features are presented live by the DJ, and live presentation adds to the credibility of your message. These shorter sponsorship messages are sold at a fraction of the cost of regular 60 second radio spots and require a minimum 3-month commitment.  Our Community Calendar is already sponsored through 2013, but weather and ski report opportunities are available at the time of this writing. Check in with us now about this opportunity.

Advertising Tip: Publicizing Websites

When advertising on the radio, nothing beats publicizing an easy-to-remember website address.  Spending your advertising time repeating a long phone number that drive-time listeners are bound to forget is never a good idea. If your current website address or URL isn’t easy to remember (or spell), invest in a better address. Avoid complex addresses with several slashes or ambiguous spelling.  Keep in mind that listeners on the Internet are just a click away from your business.

Internet listeners are just a click away from your website.  Be careful to avoid difficult to spell