It’s Easy, Being Green

If yours is one of the majority of environmentally conscious businesses in town, then KRKQ has you in mind.  How does KRKQ/ Mountainchill® outdo other regional media choices when it comes to shrinking that environmental footprint?  Here’s two ways we are making it easy for our advertisers to stay in the green:

#1 – LOW/NO PAPER WASTE. Does the scene below look familiar? That’s the magazine rack, one week from the end of ski season at a MV gondola station.  After the winter seasons’ end, much of that paper is bound for energy intensive recycling or, worse, the trash heap.  Radio advertising reduces paper waste to nearly zero. And, if you elect electronic billing with us, you’ll keep even more paper from the trash heap.


#2 – LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION.  KRKQ consumes only about 650W of grid power from studio-to-transmitter in the summer season. And we do this while maintaining Class-A FM coverage. Plus, we purchase Green Blocks, renewable energy blocks from SMPA to cover this entire energy budget. How do we reach this level of efficiency? We use a unique combination of high antenna gain, altitude coverage gain, and solar power to reduce our energy consumption to this level while maintaining Class-A FM coverage.  In the winter our consumption rises thanks to heating, however, we use renewables for most of our heat as well.

Your comments and feedback on our station and this article  are always welcome. If you agree with our strategy on environmental responsibility, please share. Of course, you can get in touch with us at any time to sign on as an advertiser. Call 877-270-4361 or contact sales @