Why sponsor on the radio in this market?

Some prefer the comfort and security of advertising in a cluttered medium like the local newspaper, but more and more businesses are reducing their risk of being buried in the clutter by making a crisp and clear impression on the radio, many in addition to their existing print advertising.

Does Mountain Chill reach my audience?

Ask the current generation of locals about what media they actually consume, and let them tell you why a sponsorship position on Mountainchill is coveted.  We hear listener comments like  “it’s about time we had something like this in Telluride.”

How is Mountain Chill different than community radio?

Unlike local community radio, Mountain Chill receives no government funds. We are not subject to community governing boards or local politics. We are supported exclusively by a list of selected sponsors who believe in our mission of delivering consistently high-quality programming to the region.

What if I don’t have experience working with radio?

No problem. We’ll help you create a stand-out radio advertisement – images provided by our listeners’ imaginations – no graphic artist needed! We can assist you with writing ad copy and have one of our on-air announcers professionally record your ad for free with most ad packages.

What other radio advertising alternatives do I have in this market?

KRKQ is the only local quality full-service commercial signal licensed near Telluride.  (See our video of the radio dial en-route between Ridgway and Telluride).  Telluride’s community radio station does not accept advertising nor does it do underwriting announcements.

What are pods?

Not to be confused with an iPod, an advertising pod consists of a series of commercials that are played in a row.  Commercials played in a pod are less memorable and less effective than those played individually. Although pods have become a radio industry standard, we stand out by refusing to use them.  For maximum effectiveness our recorded commercial advertisements run individually, not back-to-back.

What are dayparts?

Radio stations divide their broadcast days into several segments. The cost of advertising varies by segment. Morning and evening drive times (commuting times) are typically more expensive than afternoon, weekends, evenings or other times. Some businesses benefit from targeting particular segments of the day. We can help you determine the best combination of dayparts to use in your campaign.  KRKQ’s major dayparts (as of September 1, 2015) are as follows:

6 am – 10 am (M-F) Morning Drive
10 am – 3 pm (M-F) Work Day
3 pm – 7pm (M-F) Evening Drive
7 pm – 12 am (M-Su) Night Time – Sunset
6 am – 10 pm (M-Su) Run of the Station (ROS)

I rely on word-of-mouth. Why should I advertise with you?

Radio is about as close as you can get to word-of-mouth. What kind of an impression would it make if a friendly local DJ talked about your product or service on the air?

I noticed that your studio is in Ouray, why not in Telluride?

We began as an Internet radio station as a subsidiary of our staff’s RF engineering firm based in Ouray about a decade ago, thanks to Ouray’s better Internet infrastructure (near fiber) vs. Telluride’s Internet service at that time.  Our staff often bounces back and forth between all of our regional mountain communities and we hope to serve all of these communities in the future through signal expansion.  Right now we also broadcast a low power (aka Part 15) booster signal in downtown Ouray in addition to the Telluride signal.

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