Mountain Chill® Commits to 100% Green Energy

Solar Panel Array
(📷 – Pixabay – Blue Solar Panel Board – Pexels – CC0)

Did you know that a clean energy revolution is taking place across America? According to the Colorado Energy Office, Colorado is now a leader in renewable energy

Living in our amazing mountains, we too have become acutely aware of the importance of preserving our fragile environment. From the day we went on the air in at 95.5FM in Telluride, we at Mountain Chill® have used engineering best-practices to keep our transmitter energy consumption at under 10% of a typical Class-A station.

KRKQ uses efficiency improvements in antenna polarization and gain as well as extreme height above average terrain to ensure that we consume under 300 Watts of power at our transmitter while achieving 6,000 Watts of Class-A station coverage.

And now, we’ve taken the next step.  We’ve committed to use 100% carbon-free green energy  – that is, energy from fuels that produce no net greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide.

Totally Green Logo

San Miguel Power Association’s TOTALLY GREEN and GREEN BLOCKS programs, together with some self-generated solar power help make this possible.

Green energy is affordable and readily available in our FM listening area from San Miguel Power Association. If we can make the switch to 100% green energy, you can too.  You can learn about SMPA’s voluntary TOTALLY GREEN program at

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